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For those of you who want to add even more originality to the Vibrator, we now offer personal messages engraved by laser directly into the silicone surface. Click the “Submit personal message” button below and give your Vibrator a special touch of individuality.

 Processing time: 2 weeks

The Vibrator was awarded the prestigious international

Red Dot 2016 and A’DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION 2017

for its high-quality workmanship, design, and form.


diameter 35 mm

3 vibration modes across the body

100% waterproof

USB magnetic charger


simple controls

white color

matte surface / antistatic

protective cloth pouch / + SWISS COTTON

The Vibrator is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Made with medical-grade silicon.

The entire mechanism is artfully concealed beneath a layer of medical-grade silicon.

Awarded with prestigious international prize Red Dot 2016 and A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION 2017


The classic vibrator is an inseparable part of the line. With three vibration motors positioned throughout the body of the vibrator, it delivers an intense experience along its entire length with plenty of natural flexibility. Simple raised plus and minus pictograms in the silicon surface indicate the controls without interrupting the compact design. 

On the outside, the products are very simple in appearance. On the inside, however, they house a highly intelligent mechanism complete with controls and power source neatly concealed beneath a layer of white silicon. The silicon covering and sophisticated charging method mean the erotic and relaxation playthings are entirely waterproof and, most importantly, 100% hygienic. Using them is not only pleasant – it can also be very beneficial to health.