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vibration eggs

This product of the line will be available
for purchase in 2019.

The Vibration Eggs can be used for both
vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

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100% waterproof


simple controls

charging by means of electromagnetic induction

white color

matte surface / antistatic

protective cloth pouch / + SWISS COTTON

The Vibration eggs are designed and will be produced in the Czech Republic.

Made with medical-grade silicon.

The entire mechanism is artfully concealed beneath a layer of medical-grade silicon.

About product


The design of Vibration eggs allows for a combination of both types of stimulation thanks to the control nodule, which can also serve as a delightful massage element. The eggs are charged by means of electromagnetic induction, which eliminates the need for clumsy power cords.


On the outside, the products are very simple in appearance. On the inside, however, they house a highly intelligent mechanism complete with controls and power source neatly concealed beneath a layer of white silicon. The silicon covering and sophisticated charging method mean the erotic and relaxation devices/toys/playthings are entirely waterproof and, most importantly, 100% hygienic. Using them is not only pleasant – it can also be very beneficial to health.