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venus balls

noir heavy 102g

The heaviest edition of the Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls combines a vibrating ball with a very heavy static ball that causes the user to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor with greater force during insertion. This edition is intended for:

  • women who want to experience a more intense orgasm and have perfectly toned pelvic floor muscles;
  • women who desire to discover new dimensions of pleasure for themselves and their partner;
  • women who need to activate or reawaken sensitivity in the vaginal wall;
  • men who want to please their partner and discover new levels of sexual enjoyment.
product specification
  • outer ball diameter 32 mm
  • total weight 102 grams
  • two inner balls, one vibrating and the other static, both made of steel
  • 100% waterproof
  • antistatic velvety matte surface
  • made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
  • tested in Prague at the Czech National Institute of Public Health
  • canister contains protective +SWISS COTTON storage pouch, user guide, and certificate of authenticity
  • read more about international delivery times and costs here
Venus Balls Noir Heavy were developed in consultation with sex coach and pelvic floor strengthening expert Julie Gaia Poupětová.

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