valentine's day package 💕

No. 1 — venus balls classic red & cleaning spray

A Valentine’s day package containing the Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls Classic 65 g in red and Antibacterial Cleaning Spray for loving care of your intimate aids. Limited-time V-day offer with a 15% Christmas discount.

  • The Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls help strengthen the pelvic floor, an important part of achieving the ultimate in intimate pleasure and health.
  • In combination with the Whoop·de·doo Cleaning Spray for loving care of your menstrual cup and other intimate aids.
product specification
the Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls Classic
  • red color
  • outer ball diameter 32 mm
  • total weight 61 grams
  • two steel vibrating inner balls
  • 100% waterproof
  • antistatic velvety matte surface
  • made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
  • tested in Prague at the Czech National Institute of Public Health
  • canister contains protective +SWISS COTTON storage pouch, user guide, and certificate of authenticity
the Whoop·de·doo  Antibacterial Cleaning Spray
  • Gentle on your body and the medical-grade silicone of your intimate aids
  • Ensures flawless hygiene before and after use
  • Ideal for use both at home and on the road
  • With the delicate scent of cotton
  • 50 ml
  • In a sandblasted glass bottle
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • read more about international delivery times and costs here

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