Whoop·de ·doo

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menstrual cup

duo pack

Treat yourself to a calm, clean, and healthy menstruation, gentle to female body.

Convenient packaging of both sizes of the Whoop·de·doo menstrual cup, which you can combine as needed during menstruation.

product specification
  • light: ø 42 mm / 21 ml
  • classic: ø 45 mm / 28 ml
  • round ending
  • antistatic velvety matte surface
  • made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
  • tested in Prague at the Czech National Institute of Public Health
  • canister contains protective +SWISSCOTTON storage pouch, user guide, and certificate of authenticity
  • the cup is suitable for sports, including swimming
  • read more about international delivery times and costs here


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