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menstrual cup

I enjoy Whoop·de·doo because it views the woman as a whole. It’s about their emotions, their bodies, and their cycles. It’s about sexual health. About healthy self-confidence. It’s not only about sex – it also addresses the less attractive topics.

This year, I decided to broach another slightly taboo topic – menstruation – and I’m planning to expand the Whoop·de·doo family with a new product. It may not be an erotic aid, but an important aid it is indeed. We’re talking about the menstrual cup. There are many people who have never heard of such a product, but there are also many women who use it regularly. It serves as an alternative to panty liners and tampons, the long-term use of which isn’t particularly healthy or good for the female body. The menstrual cup offers a solution that’s gentle to the female body and also considerate of the environment, which is very important to me and the Whoop,de,doo brand, as I trust it is for many of you too.

During my research and development of the Whoop·de·doo Cup (I know, it sounds like a tennis tournament, but why not), I discovered that the products currently on the market had a lot of good characteristics but a lot of problems also. So, my goal was to combine all the good characteristics in a single product, eliminate the problems, and produce the most beautiful and functional menstrual cup in the world and make it the no. 1 aid for all women everywhere, granted we can learn to wear it. I’ve been practicing with a competitor’s product, but I can’t wait to get my hands on our own Whoop·de·doo cup!

We planned to introduce our menstrual cup this Spring but our production got delayed by the situation around covid–19. We did not give up though and will bring you the cup in Summer/Fall 2020. Follow us and be the first to get the news!



Join me in looking forward to the summer/fall of 2020!

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