Whoop·de·doo as a challenge

My name is Anna, and I’m a product designer. I design lights and even trams, but my greatest passion is Whoop·de·doo, which, by the way, started out as my master’s thesis project. I found the erotic industry to be vulgar, and the idea of using some of the products on the market was pretty embarrassing. I asked myself: “Why not try doing things differently? Why not come up with a design to show that even erotic aids can be light, elegant, and gentle at the same time…? Why not talk openly about something that brings us pleasure and do away with the taboos that plague the topic of erotic aids?” It became a personal challenge for me. I realized how important intimacy was. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about erotic aids but about sexuality in general, about health and other areas relating to it. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a weakened pelvic floor following childbirth, problems with incontinence, or communicating with one’s partner on the topic of “bed”.

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„I was very surprised by how many people reacted to my work positively and how many of them wanted to buy my products even though they were only in the design stage. With Whoop·de·doo, I won the 2011 National Award for Student Design, and it was clear that I’d touched upon something that resonates.“

One woman thanked me for opening the topic publicly and in a completely natural manner. She sent me a letter. She was over 60 years old and was interested in livening up her sexual life but didn’t want to be unfaithful to her husband, who was more than 20 years her senior. She wanted to purchase an erotic aid, and the only one she wanted was mine. That was a key moment for me. I decided to introduce Whoop·de·doo to the world.

The insides are important too

I took all my savings and struck out on my own without the help of investors. With time, I’ve come to see that I chose the hardest possible path, but it was the only one for me. I was able to keep my original designs, and I didn’t have to settle for any compromises in quality. When I designed Whoop·de·doo, I thought about what reactions and emotions the products should evoke. I felt three things: tenderness, purity, and safety. So, my philosophy for Whoop·de·doo came to embody purity of form, functionality, and precision design. All the products have a smooth surface without any visible seams or unnecessary protrusions. This makes them entirely safe and hygienic.

„I don’t underestimate thorough development or consultation with experts, and I firmly believe that each and every detail counts. What the product looks like inside and how it’s packaged is just as important as how it looks on the outside. I care about how the product reaches you and, namely, about  the happiness it brings you.“

We take pleasure in the little things, but we’re taking big strides

When I’d gone through the entire process from design to manufacturing and sales, I often doubted whether I had what it took to build a singular brand that would be genuine both to manufacturers and to you, the users. Thanks to positive responses from customers, which we’ve had more than 8,500 of since 2013, as well as directly from experts and doctors, I know we’ve succeeded. I value each of the awards we’ve received; they’re the best possible indication that we’re doing a good job.

I was particularly pleased to receive the international Red Dot 2016, which I view as a seal of quality. This award typically goes to large corporations, which we’re far from being. We’re a small company with a small team. There are only six of us, and for that reason I’m especially happy that Whoop·de·doo is a local company, and we certainly don’t want to change that. We develop and manufacture all our products in the Czech Republic in small series. This makes us a brand that cares about sustainable growth. That’s why I really enjoy doing what I do. But I get the most happiness from the fact that you’re no longer afraid to talk (or at least read) about something that makes you feel good!

Do you already have your Whoop·de·doo?

Anna Maresova

Anna Maresova is a product designer specializing in industrial design. She studied product design at the Faculty of Art and Design at J. E. PurkyněUniversity in Ústí nad Labem and the University of Derby. Her bachelor’s thesis, a sightseeing tram for the city of Prague, won multiple awards, including the National Technical Museum Award; Excellent Student Design, and the Prestige Award at the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO 22, where she also received the Best Student Work Award. Her master’s thesis, a set of erotic aids for women, generated considerable media attention. It won the National Prize for Student Design in 2011 and the Exit Design Award 2011 and was also named Prototype of the Year by the magazine Dolce Vita. Anna was twice nominated in the category of Discovery of the Year for Czech Grand Design. She currently devotes her energy to sustainable design, her own studio called Anna Maresova Designers, and her brand Whoop·de·doo.

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